It’s officially here! Summer, bitches. Booze cruises, outdoor concerts and happy hours await us all –rosé in one hand and a straw bag in the other. While it’s arguably one of the best seasons for fashion, the trends roll out DEEP in the summertime and every girl with an Instagram account wants to wear them.

Basic sees and basic does.


Being basic sucks for sure, but when it comes to fitting in, which on some level we all want to do (while simultaneously standing out), there’s an impulse to go out or go online and buy up all of the hottest trends. Regardless of whether we think we can pull it off or even plan to wear it more than once, we just have to have whatever it is to feel cool.

So, there are two things we need to address here:

1. What are the summer trends anyway?

2. How do you make sure you look like a trendsetter instead of a fashion follower?