Movie Preview: Don’t Think Twice

Mike Bisbiglia is back with his second feature film, which he stars in alongside Keegan-Michael KeyGillian JacobsChris GethardTami Sagher and Kate Micucci as a comedy troop in New York City that gets a chance (and for some a second) to audition for Weekend Live aka SNL.

From the trailer, it looks like this movie has coming of age vibes to it, but instead of being about teens it’s about 30 somethings who are still trying to figure shit out. And that’s refreshing since now being in my young 20’s seeing all these movies about kids figuring out their lives before they even finish college is seriously depressing.

It appears to tackle how strong bonds amongst friends can be and then how those bonds respond to the monkey wrench that is potential career advancement gets tossed in.

I’m bracing myself for some outstanding writing weaving in and out of these compassionate and very real moments that then get in a figurative car crash with the cold moments that arise from having to leave your friends behind to reach your own goals.

This cast is littered with great actors, including Keegan-Michael Key, who I developed a serious man crush on after his time making the rounds on the Bill Simmons Podcast and various other platforms while promoting Keanu. Also I have a strong feelings for Gillian Jacobs beginning with her time on Community, so safe to say I’ll definitely be checking this movie out and I suggest you do too.

Releases July 22nd, 2016

Author: Connor

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