5 Reasons Why We’re Not Surprised Kanye West is a Trump Fan

Social media is blowing up today with some of the least shocking news I’ve ever heard: Kanye West is a Trump supporter. At his concert in California on Thursday night, the controversial artist told his fans he would’ve voted for Trump.

So, that’s great. You didn’t even exercise your right to vote in one of the most important elections in American history, and a week later you decide to show your support after-the-fact. For what reason, Kanye?

But what I’m really trying to figure out is why people are surprised he’s a Trump fan, since I quite easily came up with 5 reasons why we shouldn’t be (starting with the obvious):

1. He said he would’ve voted for Trump…if he voted.


Do you even vote bro? This is a hardo move that a Trump supporter would totally be guilty of. Around election season, I’m sure you heard the lecture, “If you don’t participate and vote, you aren’t allowed to criticize the government or the decisions of the next four years.” Well, this most certainly applies to Mr. West, too. It’s the M.O. of an overly confident political supporter to think they don’t need to cast a vote because they’re so damn sure their candidate will win.

2. Remember that whole “Kanye for President” thing?


Well, it still holds true. Kanye mentioned at that same California concert that he’s not ruling out his presidential run in 2020 –which makes him a smart man for supporting Trump, thinking he’d be an easy candidate to beat the next time an election year comes around. It used to sound completely crazy but now America has quite literally proved that anything can happen. Not too sure about T. Swift as his running mate, though…

3. It’s time he stirs things up again after the George Bush incident of 2005


During a televised, celeb-filled Hurricane Katrina charity event back in ’05, Kanye West spoke out with the unfortunately famous line,“George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Of course, this wasn’t part of a prepared script and he had taken it upon himself to ad-lib (foreshadowing, anyone?) but it sparked controversy while he voiced his thoughts on the issues of racism and the treatment of the black community in America.

While that is a perfectly fine subject for him to comment on, he doesn’t go about these issues in the best way possible. And since it’s been a solid 11 years since Kanye has stirred things up in the political space, it’s not surprising he would change his opinion on the Republican party after all these years.

4. He loves the haters


When you call yourself Jesus/God-like, you don’t get too caught up with what the haters think; in fact, you thrive off of it. So when Kanye was booed by a crowd of thousands after making his remarks about supporting Trump, he got a boost of energy like no other! Plus, he’s always been known for doing his own thing. Showing love for Hillary would’ve been too mainstream this time around (even though he’s donated to her campaigns and political efforts in the past).

5. Last, but not least, Kanye and Donald LOVE to interrupt people

At least Kanye says, “Imma let you finish first.” But for real, it’s our favorite Kanye moment in history and just the most common occurring thing in history for Trump: Interruptions! Powerful women? Yup, you bet. TV reporters? Oh yeah, for sure. There’s no stopping these guys when it comes to getting their thoughts out there to the masses.

We don’t even want to know what it’d be like to get these two in a conversation together, so let’s just hope this moment passes and pray to Yeezus  God that there is no election 2020 campaign in the works.

Author: Taylor

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