These New Disney Bikinis Are The Key For An Enchanted Summer

Summer is right around the corner, which to some means being bombarded with advertisements of weight loss drugs promising the perfect beach body. It also means scrolling through Instagram looking at friends on their tropical vacation to the Bahamas, while I eat a bag of Doritos on the couch.


There are many reasons bathing suit shopping can be a terrifying and frustrating experience, but things are about to get a whole lot better this year, because this summer you can live out your dreams as a Disney princess.

Enchanted Bikinis” is a bathing suit line that I am quickly falling for. Their website sells bikinis that are designed to look like your favorite Disney princesses. So if you’re a dork like me, there’s a good chance that on your next trip to the beach you’ll find yourself diving through the ocean pretending to be Ariel or kicking back with a good book, sporting a bright yellow bikini and telling everyone that your real name is Belle.


Although the company is still new to most people, and the suits are pretty (extremely) cute, I still have to make a few suggestions for them. (You know, just to make them extra enchanted.) I think there’s more characters to be included, like Tiana or Mulan.


Also, a plus size section or some high-waisted bikinis would be great, because not all of us (like myself) look our best in a skimpy two piece.

But all in all, this is really a summer dream come true.

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