Where Does Upstate New York Begin?

From Henry Hudson to Aaron Burr to Kumi Tucker, to Lake George to Cooperstown to Troy. Upstate NY has held its fair share of influences, transformations and triumphs. It’s the people and the landscape that make Upstate NY so magical. I’ve lived in Dublin, Los Angeles and traveled across the southeast on a bus, but nowhere in the world compares to the comforting bustle of upstate NY.

But there is still the question for the ages and the debate hotter than politics. Where does upstate NY begin? Is it above the city? Albany? I sure don’t know. So I hit the streets of NY’s capital and found out in this special investigative report. Sort of.

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Author: Jack

Founder of Two Buttons Deep. Once went four buttons deep but that was a bad decision. Avid Hawaiian shirt enthusiast. Troy, NY.

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  1. It’s where you have to drive through wooded areas to reach the next inhabited building. So it begins some where in rockland and west Chester. Cheers

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