Let’s Call Pore Strips For What They Are: A HOAX

The internet wont stop buzzing with the odd yet totally satisfying videos of people using pore strips to yank up all the gunk that lies on their face. Although I’m also a fan of the gross videos, I’ve never used pore strips I can’t stop wondering if they actually work.

From everything I’ve seen it sounds like they do a pretty good job of giving your skin a deep clean, but it turns out that we may be giving them too much credit.


For those who don’t know, it is a pore strip’s job to basically rip out anything that’s on the surface of your skin. Dirt, hair, makeup, oil are simply no match.

Pore strips are made of a thin material that you place over your nose, chin, or anywhere else you have blackheads. After a few minutes, you rip the pore strip off as if you were taking off a band-aid. The goal is that the dirt is yanked by the sticky paper, thus making your pores clean again.


So, why are they so popular? Because after you take them off they are covered with little white spots, otherwise known as your blackheads. You can literally watch the germs leave your skin as you take them off, and oh yeah, it’s satisfying.

I haven’t heard too many horror stories about pore strips gone wrong, but there are plenty of doctors out there who claim that pore strips don’t clean your skin as much as you think.

We assume that since we can see the icky dirt on the pore strip after it has been removed, that it gave our skin a deep cleanse. Unfortunately, that’s false. Although pore strips do a good job of taking the dirt off the surface of your skin, they don’t actually clean much other than whatever is laying on top.

Recap: even though they only scrape the surface, they can still cause more harm than good. Pore strips are infamous for removing all the natural oils from your skin. At first I was thrilled to hear this because my skin looks like I accidentally fell in a jar of lard and then proceeded to bathe in it for fun. (It’s really bad, okay?!) Natural oils, however, actually help prevent infection and speed up the time it takes for skin to heal so it’s good to have them around.

The thing to take away from all of this is that it’s okay to enjoy watching videos of dead skin and goo being removed from someone’s face, but it’s not necessary for you to switch up your whole skin care routine to include the use of pore strips. So let’s call them what it is: a hoax!

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