Nobody Asked Me, But…Volume 9

It’s the unofficial end of summer, which means if you haven’t visited the Rusty Anchor in Watervliet yet this season, you better get your bum over there. This is one of upstate’s finest waterfront dive bars around, offering its patrons the most *beautiful* view of the Hudson River and downtown Troy (soon to be “ruined” by the new cinema, depending on who you ask).

Anyway, it’s one of the Two Buttons Deep squad’s favorite spots and in typical 2BD fashion, we ordered the girliest, most visually appealing drinks and headed straight for the waterfront seat to dish out the weekly hot takes. 

Check out Volume 9 below and feel free to tweet me when a random thought of truth/sass comes into your head and it may just end up in our video. And be on the lookout for a new NAMB every Sunday only on 2BD.

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Author: Taylor

Co-founder of Two Buttons Deep. Joan Rivers #1 fan. Nobody asked me, but...

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