Schenectady Grad Set To Perform In The Finals of America’s Got Talent

Following in the footsteps of Saratoga’s own Steven Brundage, Schenectady grad Ezra Masse-Mahar is set to represent the Capital Region in the biggest talent show America has to offer.


Masse-Mahar graduated from Schenectady High School in 2008. Known for his infectious energy from the diving board to his dance endeavors, he has cultivated his talents over the past decade to take him from dancing down the streets to Schenectady, into primetime television on NBC.

Fun fact: He told the Daily Gazette that he once rode his bike from L.A. to Schenectady in 35 days, just in case you were wondering what type of athlete we had on our hands here.

He has since joined the Diavolo, a dance company. Diavolo is an innovative dance company that incorporates intricate structures and almost every style of dance into what they call “Architecture in Motion.”

I’ll be honest, I’ve always felt a bit of a disadvantage for large groups competition in shows like AGT. The point of the show is to compete for a grand prize of $1,000,000 which has to be somewhat less satisfying to win when you have to split it with 50 of your teammates.


And I get it, the point of this isn’t for the $1,000,000, as even a brief appearance on this show can lead to revenue generating opportunities for the rest of your life. However, there has to be a deeper sense of satisfaction being out there all by your lonesome holding up $1,000,000, like Grace Vanderwaal back in ’16.

However it’s pretty sweet that the Capital Region is being represented in the spotlight once again. Check out Ezra tomorrow night at 8 P.M on NBC. (And good luck finding him in the mix of dancers.)

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