The Fumbled Engagement Ring Couple Get A Chance To Redeem Themselves

There’s been enough in the news about Jimmy Kimmel and his nightly combat with Bill Cassidy’s health care bill. But the late night host did something last night that I believe went under the radar. Yes, it’s much less important than the catastrophic healthcare bill congress is trying to sneak by American eyeballs. But I wrote about this story last week, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Last week a couple from Kansas City joined the internet’s never ending compilation of fails as a marriage proposal went south after Seth dropped the ring off the bridge he was kneeling on. After a viral story and picture of his church members diving to the bottom, there was no such luck for the ring, or a successful proposal for the couple. 


After Kimmel caught wind of the story however, he did something only Kimmel would take the time to do. He invited the couple to Los Angeles under the guise that they were going to be interviewed on 20/20. However, they were really being set up for something else.

While spending the day as audience members of his show, he called them out during his monologue and presented the couple with a chance to redeem themselves and have a proper marriage proposal. Coupled with the bachelor’s Neil Young diamond guy and a mock-bridge, the stars aligned for the couple, and here is how it went:

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