Free Coffee Day: Stewart’s Makes it Brew-tiful for All of Us Coffee Lovers in Upstate NY

If making the office coffee run isn’t normally your cup of tea, then today is the day to give it a shot. I encourage you to channel your inner Katniss Everdeen, because if you volunteer as tribute you’ll be rewarded with the ultimate buzz. 

It’s true, sometimes the morning coffee run feels more like a round of the Hunger Games, but today it doesn’t have to be since September 29 has been deemed Free Coffee Day by the caffeine gods.
On the pages of oddball holiday calendars, there’s something for everyone, every day. For instance, the other day a new coworker, whom I had just met for the first time about 30 seconds prior, informed me that, “International Talk Like a Pirate Day,” had just squeaked by (9/19). arrrrr! Some might consider that TMI for a first meeting, but not me. I think I’m gonna like working with this guy!
In the wake of the lost opportunity to mimic an old school pirate, what better pick me up than a generous surprise from the good people at Stewart’s Shops – an Upstate New York staple! 
As if Stewart’s wasn’t already one of the best perks of living in Upstate NY, (hello, ice cream, milkshakes, apple fritters, Oh my! EVERYTHING STEWARTS, OK?? Lay off me, I’m starving) while scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, I spotted a post that made me do a double take.
2BD - Stewart's Post

For #NationalCoffeeDay, Stewarts is buzzin’ with some really great news: from 12pm to close, all coffee, any size, will be free!

That is correct. All hot, iced, and cold brew coffee, any size, will be free. Besides, there’s no need to reach in the coolers for a Refresher or any of the non-included items when you can order a Stewart’s cold brew from the wonderfully friendly and supremely patient angels employees coffee bar/ice cream counter. The Stewart’s cold brew is very good, so ordering one would be a strong move. 
Speaking of iced coffees and cold brews, in anticipation of #NationalCoffeeDay, Stewart’s put them both on sale ALL week: $1.99 for a regular and $3.45 for a large. Stewart’s FTW!
I can’t espresso how much this beans to me. What a gesture, am I right? Not only does Stewart’s provide us with an endless supply of free air for our tires, breakfast sandwiches (the turkey sausage on an english muffin is a game changer), milk for days (Milk Club, anyone?), and an awesome ice cream counter that doesn’t close after Labor Day, but now they are putting a little caffienated pep in our step, too!
And the Facebook tribe has spoken; at the time of writing this piece, the free coffee announcement on the Stewart’s Facebook page has garnered more than 1.2K Likes, 6.4K Shares, and 1.4K Comments – that’s some impressive engagement activity! It’s worth noting that Comments were heavy on the bff action, with countless people mentioning their besties to let them know the good news. Good looks! That’s what friends are for. Obviously not mine, but hey, that’s cool, no hard feelings, that’s why I’m here, telling all of you!
So thanks, Stewart’s! Sending you a whole latte love, and some mugs and kisses, too!
Get your cardio in on Friday and go for that coffee run. Live your best vida mocha. It’s gonna be a brew-tiful day.

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