Light After Darkness: Thousands Pour In To Donate Blood After Las Vegas Shooting

I’m not here to report stats on America’s largest mass shooting, the fact we’re probably better off as a country without access to military grade automatic weapons, or how the shooter’s Father was on America’s Top 10 Most Wanted list. But I am here to highlight the fact that when America gets hit, we bounce back. Like we’re our flag in the War of 1812, we stand tall through the night, work tirelessly to recuperate, and never do we bow down to the feet of terrorists, or as the media calls them, “lone wolfs.”

There’s something inspiring about watching Americans drop the political bullshit and come together for the greater good of our country, and today we’ve seen a lot of that.

After last night’s shooting there was an immediate need for blood donations in Las Vegas. While it’s one thing to post an advertisement for said need on social media, it’s another to show up to a donation center and do it. Today there were lines over 6 HOURS LONG of citizens donating blood to not only save another American, but the spirit of America itself.

tl:dr – This guy sums up how America feels about terrorists:


P.S. This is clearly the definition of being drunk and stupid, this is the last thing you should do in a mass shooting.

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