Nobody Asked Me, But…Volume 12

Yes, it was a lousy fall Saturday afternoon, but since when does a 55-degree day deter Capital Region residents from spending a day in the streets drinking, keg bowling and celebrating Oktoberfest? Trick question –it doesn’t.

We made our way over to the final hours of Albany’s Oktoberfest celebration to film the latest segment of NAMB because sometimes you just can’t plan anything more entertaining than the spontaneity and unfilteredness of drunk strangers. We couldn’t get through a straight minute of filming without being interrupted by someone who wanted to say hi, make fun of us or just plain old make out in front of us. 

For the record, I have never seen so much public kissing as I did at this one event.

Anyway, despite being a few beers deep ourselves, I think we did OK on this one. Check out this week’s episode and be on the lookout for a new one every Sunday here on 2BD.

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