Thanks to Rick and Morty, McDonald’s is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce (For One Day)

Yes, it’s true. The legendary McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce will be making its return at select locations around the country on October 7 ONLY. It’s the first time this sauce is being offered since 1998, when it was originally released to promote the the Disney film Mulan –which if you weren’t an aspiring Disney princess or a brother to an aspiring Disney princess growing up, you might not even know what that movie is.

S-l300Szechuan Sauce resembles traditional Chinese teriyaki sauce, and was served at McDonald’s stores with a Happy Meal filled with chicken nuggets and of course a signature Mulan toy.

(PS: If you’re wondering how I learned all of this, it’s because there is a website out there called McDonald’s Wiki –see here.)

So, let’s fast forward almost 20 years after the release of Mulan. That’s where we figure out how the sauce is making its comeback. So, the co-creator of the show Rick and Morty (which if you haven’t watched please see 2BD’s official endorsement to do so), tweeted a joke to McDonald’s after Season 3 premiere of the show joked about the famous sauce.

Here’s the clip:


Shortly following the tweet, McDonald’s sent the mastermind behind the show a bottle of the sauce. That’s “ask and you shall receive” 101 right there. If I were him, though, I might be wondering the shelf life on that giant container knowing it hasn’t seen the light of day since 1998…


And of course, since McDonald’s basically rules the world until Amazon’s next big takeover, the brand had to tie the re-release of the sauce with a new product, Buttermilk Crispy Tenders. It’s part of a larger campaign called, OBSAUCED, which will also roll out a few new flavors of sauces for McDonald’s fans to enjoy and keep tweeting about.

They’ve got a pretty sweet roster of sauces if you ask me: Signature, Szechuan, Honey Mustard, Spicy Buffalo, Tangy BBQ, Sriracha Mac, Sweet & Sour, Hot Mustard, Creamy Ranch and Honey.

So I guess we can’t be too sad that the sauce in question here is only going to be offered for one day.

These marketing geniuses are also handing out a very limited amount of posters tied to the Rick and Morty brand to help pump up the new, short-lived offering for those who are really jazzed about it.

Unfortunately, for any Capital Region fans of the show (and the sauce), none of our local restaurants will be participating in this event. The closest stores are in Poughkeepsie, NY and Springfield, MA if you are indeed crazy enough to make the trip. A full list of participating stores can be found here.

Props to McDonald’s for consistently innovating and totally forgetting about the fact that people totally hated you there for a while. Sauce is a good way to win the hearts back.

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