Writer Speaks To Upstate High School About “Respect” Before Being So Disrespectful She Was Actually Told To Leave

Nancy Jo Sales, ever heard of her? Me neither. Not until she came to Ballston Spa High School this week to give a speech on respect and the dangers of social media. Two appropriate topics to be discussed with teenagers, just the wrong person doing it.


It took about 3-4 swipes through her twitter timeline to realize A. she fucked up big time and B. she is the absolute last person you would want to get stuck in a conversation with.

Exhibit A.

The Vanity Fair writer came to this school at a peculiar time in the wake of a social media threat which put the school on lockdown. So social media is a sensitive topic, and if there’s a time and place for a revamp of social media education, it’s now…And after all Jo Sales did write a book about it, what would go wrong?

A lot.

“Almost immediately she was rude to our students” principal Kristi Jensen told News 10.

Shortly into her speech, No Sales Jo Sales told a student ‘if you are going to keep screaming, just leave.” The girl screaming was an autistic student making natural noises. She left.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.29.16 PM.png

This made some of the student body rowdy, as it should have, as Jo Sales did not retract her statement and continued to fuel the fire that was her audience. When taking questions from the audience, one student admitted the reason there is danger on social media is that “students here are pieces of shit,” to which Sales replied, “if you are pieces of shit, be nice.” That statement did not go over well, to which Jensen noted there was audible booing from the audience and students leaving her presentation. Sales then said “fuck this” as the assistant principal pulled the plug on her and walked out of the auditorium.

Some wonderful words of wisdom from a self-proclaimed expert. Why this school hired her is beyond me, but by her twitter presence alone it’s safe to say this girl is a LOONEY TUNES. She has posted to her twitter account 130 TIMES IN THE PAST WEEK. I couldn’t even get the stats from her other platforms because I don’t want my brain to go numb. This girl is a class A social media addict and someone at Ballston Spa (and other schools?) thought it was a good idea for her to talk about it?

Ballston Spa student Shane Roy told 2BD that Sales was later spotted outside of the school waiting for an Uber to take her the hell out of town.

So how should a social media expert handle a situation like this? Issue an apology? Write a story about her wrongdoings? Nope, she posted an outdated article to her twitter about the lockdown at the school that just kicked her out, and boy did the student body clap back.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.06.16 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.08.06 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.06.49 PM

Absolutely brutal. Nancy Jo Sales is now Nancy No Sales. See ya!!!!!

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