Nobody Asked Me, But….Vol. 13

Don’t hate us for taking a week off, but our super-producer Jack had a Columbus Day weekend away that got us off track before presenting Lucky #13 of NAMB (we could’ve posted it early on Friday the 13 but we don’t wanna get any bad juju up in here).

Whenever we’re conveniently in the Saratoga area, we make the most of the drive up the Northway and try to pick a cool spot that gets us out of our Troy comfort zone, and the newly expanded Henry Street Taproom definitely fits the criteria.

This week, we tackled one of my celebrity crushes, what gives me the most anxiety and the tattoo that will not look so hot on you in 40 years. Check out our latest episode of  Nobody Asked Me, But… below and keep lookin’ out for more every Sunday on 2BD.

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Author: Taylor

Co-founder of Two Buttons Deep. Joan Rivers #1 fan. Nobody asked me, but...

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