Last Week We Experienced A Sport Equinox – All Four Major U.S. Sports Played On The Same Day


It doesn’t happen very often, but Thursday provided us something special for sports fans. For the 17th time all four major sports (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) had a game on the same day. It’s pretty cool thing to happen, switch between games catch a few highlights of each and enjoy the competition. Some people however were saying that because of this its one of the greatest moments in sports…. I beg to differ.

When you look at the magnitude of the games, most of them weren’t that important. Only MLB had a game which was in a playoff series, the NBA and NHL just started their seasons and the NFL is approaching the halfway mark of the regular season.

So no, October 19th won’t reign down in history, but lets dive in and look back at some of the days that will.

June 1994:

  • OJ Simpson Bronco Chase – 95 million viewers tuned in to witness one of the wildest moments in American history, game 5 of the NBA finals between the New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets was interrupted to cover the chase.
  • Game 5 between the New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets. Houston would win in game 7.
  • Day one of the World Cup which was hosted by nine different US cities, the only World Cup to ever be hosted in the USA.
  • Arnold Palmer plays final game at the US Open, yes that Arnold Palmer guy thats on  the Arizona drink.
  • New York Rangers celebrate in NYC winning the Stanley Cup.

May 2015

  • Kentucky Derby – Derby day! This one would end up being a special one because American Pharoah began his journey to the history books. American Pharoah became the first horse in 37 years to win the triple crown.
  • Game 7 between the San Antonio Spurs vs the Los Angeles Clippers
  • Mayweather vs Pacquiao. The fight of all fights finally happened….just five years too late.
  • Game 2 between New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals
  • NFL Draft Day 3


The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday deserves its own spot because literally everyone in America watches it. That’s why commercial spots are $3 million dollars for a thirty second spot because they know over hundred million people are watching. People that don’t even watch a single game or even care about football will go to a party, they might be there for the halftime show or the commercials.


Other notable events.

  • First weekend of College Football
  • Masters Sunday
  • Memorial Day- Indy 500, NBA Playoffs, baseball, and grilling.
  • Any game 7 of a playoff series.
  • First two days of the NCAA Tournament- Nothing like watching nail biting games and praying your bracket isn’t busted.
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas- Spending time with your family, eating delicious food and watching quality football and basketball games while snoozing on the couch.

But still, October 19th was an exciting day to be a sports fan in America. 

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