A Bunch of Local News Anchors Tried The One Chip Challenge And Of Course One Of Them Puked


I’m not calling it a coincidence that the Denver based news station were the ones who thought it would be a good idea to try the viral One Chip Challenge on tv. It’s a challenge where you purchase a singular (1) chip, which consists of Ground Corn, Canola Oil, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Ghost Pepper, Sea Salt, Chipotle Pepper, Yeast Extract, and it’s apparently very challenging to eat just that one.


Except for this guy who apparently may have eaten 6 and is going to need a new set of eyeballs.

The trend has been ripping up the internet, and now your local news team, and I just don’t get it…What is the goal? There is no winning in a situation where you’re consuming something the average human body isn’t meant to handle. Nobody wins, people only lose and then some really lose, like this lady. The only person who wins is the person who reacts the mildest, but they don’t really win, they just think they win. We’ll all be spittin’ the same fire on the toilet 5 hours later, so why even do it? 


I don’t even think there’s some underlying justification to this, Americans are just weird, that’s not news though. You see, pouring a bucket of ice water over your head was considered normal in the summer of 2014 because it helped ALS research. Now people are trying this trend, simply because it’s on the internet? Literally zero benefits coming from this challenge other than the company, Paqui, making $50 on every 10 chips they sell. Those are margins grocery store execs DREAM OF. If you don’t wanna buy the whole pack, you’re all set, you can buy one chip for a slim $12.95 on Amazon…Is this why they did that whole foods deal?


Would I try the chip if my coworker brought some in? Probably definitely not. Even if the immediate reaction is funny, I’m still left with the consequences. Burning innards is not the conditions I like to be in the workplace, so why would I sign up for it? And why would you? What is everybody doing with their lives? Didn’t you see Dumb and Dumber? I thought we were smarter than this.

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Author: Captain Jack

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