Do It For The Gram – 2BD’s Newest Series Where We Spend 36 Hours In The Wilderness Recreating Famous Instagram Photos

2BD is at it again with our new series, Do It For The Gram. The past decade, people far and wide have been going above and beyond to do it for the gram. Boyfriends have been laying in the sand to get that perfect sunset shot, many idiots have died trying to get that top of the skyscraper shot, and we’re riding easily down the middle recreating famous pictures of upstate New York we’ve seen on Instagram.

Our projects consists of a group (Kyle Rothwell, Ryan Triller and Cassidy Palladino) spending 36 hours doing whatever it takes for them to recreate famous Instagram photos. And the best part? You get to come along for the ride without doing anything.

Our first episode takes us to Indian Head in the Adirondacks. Sure, everyone and their Mom has this picture, but we don’t, and for that we are sending it up north and see what it takes to get the gram. Enjoy.

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Author: Captain Jack

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