Oh Couple, Where Art Thou? A Schenectady Man is Desperate to Find You

I spotted a unique headline on a story featured in The Daily Gazette yesterday, so I thought I’d bring it over to the 2BD network to see if collectively we can help solve this mystery.

So, a guy named Henry Liebers, a Schenectady High School grad, stumbled upon a roll of undeveloped film in the Adirondacks while working for the ADK Mountain Club over the summer.

The curious St. Lawrence University grad and amateur photographer retrieved the roll of film from the wild because, you know, undeveloped, non-biodegradable Kodak Potra 400 film doesn’t belong out there, and he just got around to picking it up.



2BD - ADK Mystery Couple_Hank FB Post

And what developed, exactly? About a dozen photos of the cutest couple ever, ranging from a handful of wedding photos to time spent in Lake Placid and in the Adirondacks.

So far, Liebers’ Facebook post has been shared more than 100 times, the Gazette’s over 300, and everyone is hopeful that these Lake Placid lovers will be reunited with their long lost roll of film.

“I remember seeing that roll of film there for over a month, pretty cool you actually had them developed!” read a comment from Bobby on Hank’s post. Oh Bobby, Classic Bobby. Pick it up, bro!

C’mon, guys! Let’s Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon the shit out of this post. I think an in-person reunion/exchange is so necessary if this crowd-sourced Facebook collaboration is a success. Therefore, I propose The Happy Couple meets Henry at the site documented in one of the photos: the base of the ski jump in Lake Placid. Let’s do this.

2BD - ADK Mystery Couple_3

Henry urges anyone who recognizes the couple in these photos to please email him at hank.liebers@gmail.com.

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