An Inside Peek Into One of the Dopest Pop Up Art Shows In The Capital Region

Last weekend I had the honor of attending the sold out ALL FALLS DOWN pop up art show in Albany. A show themed around musician Kanye West and organized by Craig Earle (DJ TGIF). Craig is my boy so I had to go show some support.


Since I’m not a chump I bought a ticket instead of relying on the old “I know the DJ” line, and I’m glad I did because there were 2 fine gentlemen at the door to make sure I had a ticket (just my luck my phone died and I had to awkwardly charge it in the corner before being let into the even so I could prove I had an EventBrite ticket).

The show took place Saturday night in a quiet privately owned retail space on Central Ave. In fact, when I googled the address I had to ask him if the space had been turned into a new venue, or if it was in fact the weird spooky door next to Shining Rainbow.


It turns out that weird spooky doors are perfect for pop up art shows. The former shoe stores walls are already build for hanging stuff like art. The exhibit featured huge paintings all the way down to small pen drawing.

It was absent that stink of pretentiousness that usually fills the air at galley openings. One of the things I admire about Craig is that he’s a “Doer”, he doesn’t wait for anyone else to bring something he wants to the area. If he thinks something should happen (like these art shows) he does it. I did ask him “why an art show?” since he has more of a footing in the music/DJ world and he just simply said, “I want to use my platform to help promote more local artists.” pointing out that all of the featured artists are from the area.

TGIF himself, supplied the beats for the event, and as the night pressed on, there were various other acts that would keep your attention for the night.

Just because you slept on getting tickets to the show last weekend doesn’t mean you completely missed out. You can get a glimpse of the show on social media by using the hashtag #AllFallsDownArtShow and Craig says he is planning for this to be an ongoing series. The next show in this series is set to take place in February and will be themed after “recent” Black History because as Craig says, “This stuff is still happening.”


You can stay informed about future shows by following Craig Earl under his stage name @djtgif on all social media.


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