Presenting Taylor’s Dream Team of Thanksgiving Foods

People get hyped about Thanksgiving, but for me it’s celebrated strictly as, “the day before Black Friday.” I’m not saying that shopping is more important than eating and spreading holiday cheer with friends and family, but like, whatever it kind of is for me.

So, I wanted to state for the record my roster –the dream team that deserves a spot on the Thanksgiving Day table if you’re going all in on this late fall holiday. I didn’t even name some of the obvious winners here like PLENTY OF ALCOHOL. Only rookies don’t know that key ingredient is a total given if you’re faced with awkward family encounters and a day filled with 90 percent boredom and 10 percent stuffing your face.

But when it comes to the food, there’s a very real ranking list no matter which way you celebrate Turkey Day. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but let’s just say the star of the show is far, far off from the best part of the meal. I’ll tell you how I feel in Just a Minute.

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