Throwback Wednesday: It’s Been One Year Since 2BD’s Official Launch (Party)

I’m not a huge fan of #ThrowbackThursday, but that’s just because people post a memory from like, a week ago. But when it’s been a WHOLE YEAR since something really cool happened, I’m all for remembering the exact day in history, which leads me to why I’m writing this memorable post about Thanksgiving Eve 2016 (which yes, would make this a Throwback Wednesday, OK??!)

My partner in crime, Jack, and the rest of the Two Buttons Deep crew decided to get our act together and throw a launch party for our 4-month-old brand, officially announcing our presence to the world. We wanted to put Two Buttons Deep on the map for 20-somethings and new viewers from all around the Capital Region. Sounds fun and relatively easy to plan, right? It wasn’t.

I felt like the odds were against us. Our website was a tiny baby in the ever-expanding internet, not quite recognizable even within our own community here in Troy. Who would come? The night before Thanksgiving seemed like a setback since so many friends of ours would have family obligations and obviously people who didn’t know who we were wouldn’t want to join in.

But, we kept our fingers crossed and went for it. We went all out and planned a night for a crowd to come experience the Troy Kitchen (shout out to Cory), so they could get a taste of what 2BD HQ’s home city has to offer. We lined up a set of local performers, ordered a ton of stickers and swag, had shirts made up from the local Troy Shirt Co. and advertised everywhere by hanging our posters all over town.


And guess what? People came! Balloons, booze and live music just so happened to be enough to draw in the most awesome audience ever. We were probably responsible for A LOT of hungover runners during the next morning’s Turkey Trot.

So, yeah, we had a damn good time. We got the 2BD brand out there by shooting for the stars and having tons of support from friends, family, coworkers and local business owners. After we left that party, we knew it was time to kick into high gear and take our brand a few steps further by continuing to create the stuff worth talking about that, well, we talk about. Here are a few of our favorite things we’ve done in the past 365 days:

Releasing a Two Buttons Deep original parody, ‘Pet Party’

Asking the Capital Region where Upstate NY really begins

Nickelback at SPAC: Unleashing the lovers on the haters

Playing ball with the 518’s oldest wiffleball league

Making a plan for the end of the world

Gettin’ Steampunked

So, what’s on the agenda for the next 365 days? You’re going to have to toss on that Hawaiian shirt of yours, unbutton a bit and come along for the ride ’cause we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves. We’re so thankful for everything that’s happened to us in our first year of being a business and can’t wait to keep bringing you stuff worth talking about from upstate NY and beyond. Let’s go!

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