One Thing I’m Not Thankful For? The Cowboy’s 2017 Season

Here we are its the week of Thanksgiving, a day stuffing your face while watching football all day long. It’s tradition to see teams like the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys play on Thursday with playoff spots still at grabs as we come down the final stretch of the regular season.

I wrote back in July that this season for the Cowboys was going to be a headache…and it has been.


After a ten week battle with the court system, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is finally serving his ridiculous six game suspension. Elliott will be able to return back to the field for week 16. This suspension is bullshit, absolute bullshit. Elliott is being punished for a 2016 domestic violence allegations, a crime which the Columbus City Attorney’s office NEVER charged him with.

Innocent until proven guilty right? Listen, it’s one thing if he was convicted of this crime, he shouldn’t deserve to hold any job let alone one that pays millions of dollars to play a game. I didn’t root for that scumbag Greg Hardy when he put on a Cowboys uniform. For over a year this dude has had his name dragged through the mud and permanently ruined in the organization that he works for…

Yet again the Cowboys have managed to throw another season out the window after last year’s team going 13-3 with two rookies leading the charge for the offense. The Cowboys are currently 5-5.

I believe that this entire 10 week circus surrounding Elliott plays into the blame for this season. Locker rooms don’t want to deal with that sort of drama, players don’t want to answer dozens of questions about that case every single week whether he would play or not.

Injuries are another problem, the Cowboys offensive line has had a few players miss some games, on the defensive side of the ball players like Sean Lee have missed a few games as well.

My high horse has been on the defense, they currently rank 15th for overall defense in the league. Earlier in the year Dallas lost to the Denver Broncos, a team led by Trevor Siemian…He’s now been benched for an even worse quarterback. Siemain threw for 231 yards and completed 4 touchdown passes that game.

jerry 1

Now I want to direct my attention to Jerry Jones. He is creating is a shit storm which could really flip the NFL upside down, especially for the commissioner Roger Goodell. Jerry kept his mouth shut while the investigation took place. As soon as the suspension was handed down the NFL woke up a sleeping giant that has piss and vinegar running through his veins.

We all remember Deflategate right? Well this is what Jerry said to Roger in regards to Elliott’s suspension. “If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a p—y compared to what I’m going to do.”


Not something you want to hear from a dude that has a net worth of $5.6 billion, someone that has stood beside you as your company has grown. Goodell should be worried about Jones threats because in the past he’s screwed up a lot of cases. Ray Rice, and Josh Brown suspensions were the ones that made people outraged over how lightly they were penalized for actual domestic violence cases. It’s been reported that the NFL spent $22.5 million dollars on Deflategate. Jones also challenged Goodells practice of punishing players.

This is where the case gets interesting because of NFL lawyer Paul Clement when standing in front of U.S. District Judge Katherine Polk Failla. Clement’s position was proof that Goodell had failed to obtain a critical fact before handing down punishment — permissible under the CBA but fundamentally unfair to Elliott. Ultimately we end up with 160 page report on alleged domestic violence.

jer 2

Not only is Jerry going after Goodell about the Elliott case, he’s also trying to halt his contract extension by suing the league. Get your popcorn ready! time to watch billionaires bitch at one another.

Jerry has every right to be pissed off about the Elliot case, heres my problem with it being the fan. Jerry is also the general manager of the Cowboys, a very important position which I think he hasn’t dedicated too much time to this season. Jerry is an incredible business man no doubt in my mind about that, General Manager of a franchise thats yet again the laughing stock of the NFL… not so good.

But yeah, Happy Thanksgiving, and go Cowboys!?

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