Taylor Does the Troy Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot races all over the nation are the official start to the holiday season. Most participants are hungover beyond belief from an evening of hometown drinking, but they dress up, show up and run alongside a ver specific mix of out of shape people who are just in it for the good times. 

It’s a wild scene to watch people race through the city streets, celebrate by pounding a few more beers while they deliberately ditch the person in the family who’s stuck at home cooking. But I must admit it’s definitely a great alternative to watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade (sorry Macy’s) on TV and peeling potatoes for an hour.

So, we set out to the 101st Troy Turkey Trot, the 12th oldest race in the nation (weird humblebrag), to immerse ourselves in the Thanksgiving Day joy and ask attendees some very hard-hitting questions.

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Author: Taylor

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