Shout Out To This Couple For Naming Their Child After Olive Garden

Let me get something straight, I’m never on board with naming your baby something stupid. There is nothing more transparent on how trashy a family is than the name of their first daughter. But regardless, this story has me feeling some sort of way, and I think it’s the breadsticks.

5 News – A couple who once ate at Olive Garden nearly every day for seven weeks, is now planning to name their daughter Olivia Garton.

Justin and Jordan Garton said they visit the restaurant frequently and after hitting a rough patch financially, the two bought a ‘Never Ending Pasta Pass’ to help save on groceries.

“We didn’t have enough money for groceries and we knew that the investment in the hundred dollar Pasta Pass would save us money,” Jordan Garton said,” It actually saved us $250 in groceries.”

“Once we came across the name Olivia, we fell in love with it instantly,” Justin Garton said. “We thought we could still work the pun in and still work the joke in.

Let me just say this off the bat. If your financial situation lands you in a place where you need to eat never ending pasta every day to save money, it’s not the time to have a baby. I’m guessing these Arkansanians didn’t really think that through, probably because Olive Garden breadsticks are an aphrodisiac (I think) and they just couldn’t help themselves. So I’m not gonna blame them, I’m just going to applaud them for how they handled it.Screen-Shot-2017-11-28-at-12.22.16-PM-1024x587.png

They claim they did not name Olivia Garton after Olive Garden, but that’s the biggest load of lies I’ve ever heard. You don’t name something that similar to Olive Garden after living there for months on end and just end up coincidentally naming your daughter Olivia? This was part of Olive Garden’s plan all along. First they get you with the breadsticks, then that salad which also tastes amazing somehow, and then next thing they know they have your daughter as a walking billboard.


Writing this post really made me hungry, and thinking…are endless pasta passes still a thing? I did some research (I googled it) and found out that yes they are, but only a select amount are distributed each year. And not only are they available, but Olive Garden has added some pretty sweet perks to the club.

In 2017, Olive Garden took Never Ending Pasta Pass to extreme heights by selling 22,000 Pasta Passes and the first-of-its-kind Pasta Passport to Italy. Pasta Passport to Italy included all the benefits of Pasta Pass plus an all-inclusive, weeklong trip to Italy for two for $200. Both passes sold out instantly.

Call me Olivia Garton because I’m in. 

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