Fashion Friday, Menswear Edition: Return of the ‘Neck

It is
(Return of the ‘Neck) Come on
(Return of the ‘Neck) Oh my God
(You know that I’ll be back) Here I am
(Return of the ‘Neck) Once again
(Return of the ‘Neck) Pump up the world
(Return of the ‘Neck) Watch my flow
(You know that I’ll be back) Here I go

That’s right. We are talking about the one and only winter fashion staple, the turtleneck. Were they ever out of style? Yes, in third grade when your mom tried to force one of these over your head, ruining your hair-do and sending boogers all over your face right before the bus came. But now, we’re all adults here, and if you are not embracing turtlenecks during the winter months, you are seriously missing out.

I’m taking the opportunity this Fashion Friday to show you what’s up in the sweater department for guys heading into winter 2018. Hint: a whole lotta turtlenecks, layers and super cool coats.

Starting with the men

The first thing guys need to know is they don’t have to be jealous of the ladies out there rocking comfy, cozy winter sweaters, they can wear ’em too and look cool AF.

The look below works because it’s simple: the dark wash, cuffed jeans at the bottom complement the fashion-forward risk you think you’re taking by wearing a turtleneck. But really the risk pays off as a warm reward and shows off your bod with a tighter sleeve and slightly longer silhouette.

Stone long sleeve roll neck sweater, River Island $70

When you warm up to the idea of winter sweaters instead of the classic button down and henley combo, you can take your look a step further with patterns and different necklines.

This look is somethin’ called a shawl collar, so it’s obvi not full-on turtleneck, but it’s still a functional sweater in terms of warmth and comfort. You’re gaining points by going out of the box with a perfect fall/winter pattern, too. This zips up nicely in the front, so make sure you still wear that henley or waffle shirt underneath.

Shawl Collar Cardigan
PENDLETON, $179 Nordstrom

And, you’re on your own for this one, but it’s time to suit up and embrace the layers.

Both of these looks just SCREAM cool. You can wear a tighter-fit turtleneck under your winter suit in a tweed, wool or corduroy fabric, or layer with other jackets like bombers or trench coats. You’ve got to achieve 100 percent confidence (or get a personal shopper) to go out and curate a look like this for ya, but you won’t regret it.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your winter look, chances are you’re going to go out there and find yourself a cool, cozy turtleneck to layer and wear a bunch of different ways until all your bros are out there copying you and stealing your bomber jacket.

PS: We’ve got somethin’ coming for the girls next.

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