This Cheese Plate Instagram Account Changed My Life

Social media wins again as I continue to embrace my inner basic-ness. Or maybe it’s not being basic, but rather enjoying the simple things in life? I’m not trying to be cheesy.

This morning I stumbled upon an Instagram account, @thatcheeseplate, and without exaggerating, it actually changed my life. As a creative person who enjoys nothing more than a good aesthetic, these cheese plates are literally a work of art. So now I’m drooling, distracted and depressed that I’m not eating these cheese plates right now?

I was pleased to know I’m not the only one who loves this account –it has 24.7K loyal followers on Instagram and TCP even sells swag on their website for the biggest fans.

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So, here’s the thing about cheese plates. It’s one of those things that disappointed you as a child when you saw it on the table at a holiday party or generic gathering.

Why? It’s overwhelming. As a kid, there were way too many unidentified objects, you probably got in trouble for touching things and then putting them back on the plate, and the fruit in between slices of Brie didn’t even taste good since everything touches.

But now, oh now in this era of Pinterest, Tasty videos and foodie Instagram accounts, the cheese plate has suddenly become EVERYTHING. All the basic words came to mind when I scrolled through this feed and felt sheer and utter #excitement about it. Usually, I don’t even know what basic terms mean (i.e. slay, “giving me life,” or whatever), but seriously now I think I get it.


Part of that reaction, of course, is that in adulthood, cheese plates are awesome. You feel fancy AF when you go to a friend’s place for wine night and one of these bad boys is on the coffee table. Cheese plates and/or charcuterie is the perfect date night appetizer or light meal that also makes you feel fancy AF.

Can I identify even half of what’s on the plate? Absolutely not, but you go gotta all in and don’t question anything about the duck paté or fruit jam you’re spreading on a shockingly sophisticated cracker.

This account changed my life because, well, I am feeling inspired again! Jesus, we’ve had so much bad news lately and if a beautiful cheese plate can’t turn it around just in time for the holiday season I don’t know what can. My wallet is going to be a little sore if I have an opportunity to construct one of these artistic apps to bring to a holiday party but it would most certainly be worth it. I mean, do it for the ‘gram, right?

(P.S., that’s a nice way of saying you should probably invite me to your holiday party).

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