Third Gender Option on Birth Certificates Breaks the Logic of the People Who Support the Idea

Let me start by saying I can already smell the torches lighting up from the angry mob that is forming to come stick me with their pitchforks, but I have to say this breaks logic for me.

Washington State is voting to allow a third “Gender X” option on birth certificates. And they”ll be the third state to do so…Wait what!?


(KUOW) The state of Washington may soon follow Oregon and California and allow a third gender option on birth certificates. The proposal would let people change their gender from male or female to the non-binary designation of “X.”

Currently, people born in Washington can petition to change the gender on their birth certificate from male to female or female to male. But there isn’t an option to choose no gender.

A new Oregon law allowing an “X” designation on birth certificates takes effect on January 1, 2018. In June, Oregon became the first state in the nation to allow a third gender option for driver licenses and state identification cards.

Let me get this straight. A movement of people who are against “assuming gender” are now in favor of something that will allow people to do just that by assigning their child as “Gender X” instead of what they were biologically born as. It’s not an assumption, parents don’t pick it, but now they ARE going to assume gender by selecting this option.

Other states have allowed changing your gender on birth certificates and state IDs… that is perfectly fine. I’m on board with that. You are an adult and can make your own choices at that point in your life. I’m concerned with how this option will effect newborns who aren’t getting to make this choice.

If you want to remove gender from birth certificates all together that’s one thing. At least that is consistent with your belief of gender neutrality. I’m totally on board with that actually. having to fill out an arbitrary distinction that in no way defines your skills, goals, personality, health, mental stability, etc. is pointless and archaic. Adding a third gender is doing exactly what you’re supposedly fighting against.

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