Ked Goes Two Buttons Deep At The Adirondack Thunder

Glens Falls, New York, to me, is a hockey town. Growing up I got to see so many awesome teams with A+ jerseys because lets face it, as a kid the only thing you’re really looking at is who looks cooler.

I’ll never forget walking into the Civic Center and seeing the legendary Barry Melrose standing by the beer line embracing his inner hockey fan. As awesome as this was, hockey has been a roller coaster for the last few years. Teams coming and leaving left me feeling lost to be completely honest. Well, not anymore. The Adirondack Thunder are here, and they’re here to stay.


Jack and I attended the Thunder’s Teddy Bear Toss game and boy oh boy it did not disappoint. We filmed a video and it could not have gone better. We were literally there for 5 minutes and felt we already had gotten everything we needed to show you guys what hockey in Glens Falls was about. And that’s why I love it up there.


Passion, excitement and balls to the walls are just a few words to describe hockey up north and I for one can not get enough of it.

If you’re interested in going to a Thunder game check out this link here. Let them know the boys from Two Buttons Deep and The Morning Skate sent you. Great people up there. Now go grab a beer, sit back and enjoy this short story of why the Adirondack Thunder kick ass.

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