State Of The Union – Two Buttons Deep’s First Year Is In The Books


It’s 2018, two days into it, and we’re just getting around to launching our 2017 recap. It’s typical Two Buttons Deep style. A few days later than everyone else, but a few buttons better. That’s just how we roll.

2017 was a monumental year for Two Buttons Deep. Myself, Taylor and a handful of dedicated and talented writers and personalities are doing something upstate New York has never seen before. We’re making the news fun again. All we have in upstate New York are local news stations and papers with robot reporters giving you the 5 W’s on every story. Who What When Where Why. That’s good and all, but where’s the spice? Where’s the value in that? We were tired of seeing lame ass event coverage and reports about the 17th OD of the week, and so we made Two Buttons Deep, a safe place for people to come and read good stuff worth talking about. Not the news, not a ripple report of Trump’s latest tweet. Stuff worth talking about. And this year we have done just that.

With Taylor behind the keys editing our makeshift articles into presentable forms of literature, and myself behind the lens and turning 2 hours of footage into an entertaining 3 minutes, we have curated a company out of nothing…We don’t have investors, we’re not trust-fund babies, we’re doing this raw. Button by button. There’s no fast track to success, especially in this kind of business. But whether you like it or not, we’re here, and we’re here to stay.

Over the past year, we have generated over 600 articles and over 50 original videos. We’ve partnered with awesome companies like Fly 92, Red Bull, Miller Lite and the legendary Troy Kitchen. We launched a project with Jeff Buell known as “Do The Next Good Thing” where we are handing out $50,000 of cold hard cash out to random strangers throughout the Capital Region, $100 at a time. Did you catch that in the Times Union? Maybe Spectrum News? Or maybe a little show called Inside Edition?

We also started our first killer series starring Taylor and her tagline, Nobody Asked Me, But…She takes her sass to the streets in a quick-form takedown of common conceptions about the world that she has an issue with…and the people agree.

Albeit, it’s not always easy starting an outlet from the ground up. It’s really easy for the internet to shit on you, and even easier to convince yourself that watching Netflix after we finish our full time job is more appealing than hitting the streets to make a video.

Yes, Two Buttons Deep is not a full time job for us. One day it will be, but that day is not today. In order to get there though we need to build ourselves up, button by button, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing 7 days a week for the past year in its entirety. Is it working? You better believe it. Our stats are booming and every day I see one of our stickers in a new location, and if you want one for your laptop, I’ll send you 5.

To everyone who reads our content regularly, we really do appreciate you. Every like, comment and share gives us a little dose that little dose of serotonin which keeps us going (and the world addicted to their cell phones). And that’s also why we’re here. Not just because upstate NY is high and dry in regards to entertaining content, but the world of entertainment is shifting mobile. It was always my dream to be a late night television host. I even won a College Emmy Award for a show I hosted at school in Vermont. But television is only getting smaller and the Internet is only getting bigger. That’s just the way it is. The world is shifting, and if you don’t adapt to the changes the world throws at you, you find yourself doing nothing sitting at home watching Netflix. On your phone.

2018 is our year, I can feel it more than the wind through my chest when I’m two buttons deep in a hawaiian shirt. Button by button we’re making this happen, and I’m happy you’re along for the ride. We hope it’s as exciting for you as it is for us. Keep an eye out for our content in 2018, holler at us when you see us in the streets and remember to always stay two buttons deep.

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Author: Captain Jack

Founder of Two Buttons Deep. Once went four buttons deep but that was a bad decision. Avid Hawaiian shirt enthusiast. Troy, NY.

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