Dry January is As Boring and Unrewarding As You’d Imagine

Let’s just not call this a New Year’s Resolution, OK? It seems so much more official when you say that, but technically, I guess that’s what’s going on.

I truly, randomly decided I could go the entire month of January without drinking. That includes alcohol AND coffee, two liquids I consume…quite a bit. Pre-2018, I drank probably 5 cups of a coffee a day and your casual glass of wine not every night but like, a decent amount of nights.

But 10 days in and I have to say I’m not feeling too much pain. Am I bored? Yes. Am I questioning whether there will be any positive results on my health? Yes. Secretly I wish this little stunt could help me drop 10 pounds but I’m not sure that’s realistic.

I’ll give you my full confessional in Just a Minute:

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Author: Taylor

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