Is the Ginuwine vs. the Transgender Community Backlash…Genuine?

As I walk the political correctness tightrope, I am well aware there is indeed no safety net and I’m questioning why I wore boots. I want to talk about the Ginuwine situation.

If you don’t know who Ginuwine is, well I’m sorry, but maybe you and your significant other should play “Pony” and see what happens.


R&B artist Ginuwine, the man who gave us “Pony,” the man who gave us “In Those Jeans,” is now under heavy fire due to the fact that on live television he was asked if he would date a transgender woman on the show, India Willoughby, resulting with his reply that he would not date her if he had known she was a man at birth.

He then put a bigger target on his head for the LGBTQ community when he pulled away the moment that trans-woman had leaned into kiss him on an episode of  Celebrity Big Brother UK…and he refused said kiss.

He is now being labeled both homophobic and transphobic from a bombardment of tweets by those who were angered by his actions.

I am not here to decipher the intricacies of the phobias placed upon one of my favorite R&B artists, I am simply here to ask some questions. You think you’re going to get my take on this? Refer back to the tightrope analogy.

After analyzing the video, this woman, former man, wrapped her arms around Ginuwine from the back and went to kiss him. Is this sort of unwanted contact sexual harassment? Why is this part of the story being bypassed? I’m just wondering.

Ginuwine did admit he would not date a woman if he was aware she transitioned from being born male, which has many upset, but where is the uproar for the forced attempted kiss? Ginwuine did not consent to that action and actually had to physically escape from it. That’s the part that makes it difficult to judge either party.

I can’t call it anymore man. The world is moving fast on the trans issues, and I know some great people who have transitioned, I am trying my best to not offend anyone here but I will say this:

Instead of bombarding Ginuwine with insults and labeling him as trans phobic, why are the masses not approaching this from a more empathetic standpoint? This is not a man thoroughly educated in the fields of trans-gender isms, why do we hold such importance to his opinions?

It seems morally irresponsible to bombard someone for their views before trying to empathize. I know this will all blow over but had to give a Devil’s Advocate take.

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