A Letter from the Editor: Two Buttons Deep Hits 1,000 Blog Posts and Oh Yeah, We Went Curling

Hey guys, Taylor here. How’s it hangin?

I’m happy to report that twobuttonsdeep.com has officially reached 1,000 blog posts.

Is that a big deal? Kinda.

That means that over the past year, we have been cookin’ up a lot of content. Maybe not a lot compared to a site like NBC News or Buzzfeed, but a lot for a group of writers who work full-time jobs and still find time to grind and keep the wheels turning here at 2BD.


1,000 of anything is a big number if you ask me, even for those of us who can naturally put our thoughts into words that make sense for other people to read. But hey, we aren’t gonna coast on the success we’ve had just yet –we know there’s a long way to go.

We’ve been lucky so far to come across some very enthusiastic, talented people who have taken interest in what Two Buttons Deep is all about and were willing to dive in, one button at a time, and become part of the squad. Our post 1,000-outlook is obviously to continue to grow our base of writers and personalities so that we hit these milestones more often, and can keep giving you guys stuff worth talking about.

We cover topics right here in Upstate NY, like the girl who fell off the slowest ride at the Great Escape, to stories across the world, like this interesting cultural landmark in South Korea. From viral videos to original video content, we give our readers and viewers a chance to be entertained and learn something at the same time (even if you learn that you hate my sense of style or think Jack’s obsession with late night television is boring).

For everyone who’s along for the ride with us, we appreciate your support and can’t wait to see where this goes from here. Building an entertainment outlet from the ground up isn’t easy, but no one said it would be. No one said curling would be easy either, oh yeah did I mention we went curling?

Check out our most recent 2BD original video and keep an eye out for the next 1,000 posts to come. Another great day to be #TwoButtonsDeep.

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Author: Taylor

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