Coeymans Police Caught on Camera Trying to Run Over Animal in Parking Lot

Man oh man. Just when you feel like police were winning back the hearts of all Americans, cops like these get caught on camera. Two (or more?) patrol officers of the Coeymans Police force were filmed today taking turns using their vehicles to trap and run over a raccoon in a public parking lot. Not good for the brand.

I mean, by all means roadkill is simply part of life, it’s natural selection. But when you have law enforcement naturally selecting to kill something, we have something called karma for that. But since karma doesn’t always work quick enough, we now have social media to put them in their place. 



This all took place outside of the Shop n Stop in Ravena. And listen, we don’t have the full story. It could very well be this raccoon stole 5 bags of trash, a case of Miller Lite and gave the cashier rabies before leading the police on a long chase across the parking lot. But then again, that’s probably definitely not the case. These police officers should be out there enjoying this last cruise because could very well be their final day on the job.




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Author: Captain Jack

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  1. Is there a reason they couldn’t shoot it, like too many people nearby. A rabid racoon can be very dangerous.

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