Patrick Star Memes are Ruining My Childhood Memories and the Internet Needs to Stop It



Thousands of starfish were found dead in the UK and I think it’s because of negative energy the Twitterverse has been putting towards starfish.

Patrick Star, remember him? Your run of the mill, silly, slightly dumb starfish-slash-sidekick to the forever famous Spongebob Squarepants. The “Feel old yet?” version of Patrick, however, is terrifying as he is becoming a creepy sex symbol on Twitter and social media as a whole.

This, this picture right here, is destroying the legacy of a once-beloved cartoon.


This is seriously messing with my childhood memories. I didn’t think that when you were provided with a good childhood that childhood could automatically go back in time via Twitter and become so bizarre you can’t remember if you had a good childhood after all. Did you follow that?

Patrick Star was by my side my entire middle school years; I remember the fun loving starfish during the first episode of SpongeBob and I was along for the ride ever since.

How does this icon go from underwater friend to internet predator?

It’s the internet’s fault.


The filth in these memes is stuff I won’t even say, but if you’ve been watching you know, and this is a PSA for all to leave the legacy of a animated character who does not deserve scrutiny so late in his career. Like Matt Lauer, Patrick Star is now tainted forever (but Matt deserved it and Patrick, as far as we know, doesn’t).


There’s innocent starfish dying for your entertainment and I have to believe there is a direct correlation. Are you dirty users of the internet happy? PETA, get on this! We need help before someone thinks of a sick, twisted idea for Squidward’s tentacles and we start to see calamari dead everywhere…which probably wouldn’t be as bad because they’re edible and when finessed by the right Italian grandmother make for a hell of a fra diavolo, but that’s another story.

Leave Patrick alone.

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