There’s a New Boutique Coming to Troy, and it Better Be Good

260 Broadway, AKA the former location for the women’s clothing store The Shoppe, is getting a new tenant this spring. Marcus Blaque, a men’s and women’s boutique will take over the prime location retail storefront in effort to make Troy a little more fashion-forward.


And of course I desperately agree that Troy could use some serious style. I mean, we’ve got the historic buildings and hip restaurants –all we need now is some more fashionable folks to really make this place the mini-Brooklyn people say it can be.

Marcus Blaque, a “premier-chic urban boutique,” according to their website, will offer affordable fashion from athletic wear to something meant for a night out on the town — but the company’s website does not offer much beyond that in terms of what to expect.

Well, I’m hoping this is going to be an awesome boutique, because Troy needs more shopping. There’s undoubtedly more to choose from in Troy than neighboring cities like Albany or Schenectady, but Troy is still not a destination for shopping right now.

And some of you might say no one wants to shop in a downtown area anymore, and you’re probably (somewhat) right. Shopping malls are getting turned into entertainment venues with comedy clubs, mystery rooms and who knows what else.

I mean have you SEEN those little motor-powered animals on wheels that kids cruise around in?

People turn to the World Wide Web to have access to anything and everything they could ever want which has eliminated the need for brick-and-mortar all around.

This is what the malls of America look like today. *Sigh*

But, here’s the thing: If Troy is on the come-up like we all know it is, eventually the Collar City will start to attract more people downtown than just the residents of the Capital Region.

People will start coming to Troy on purpose, not by accident getting lost on the way to Vermont, which means they want to be shown a good time and have access to restaurants, retail, lodging and so much more. Ya know, like real city stuff.

There’s nothing more depressing than walking through a deserted downtown area with no tenants anywhere to be found. So, if this boutique is bangin’, they can attract a whole new crowd to town and make the locals more fashion-forward (obviously that is sneakily one of my goals).

And plus, local businesses need a place to put themselves out on display each and every TNO, Farmer’s Market Saturday and for all the other special events this city puts on. I appreciate the business owner’s risk taking on paying rent and being a small business at a time where Amazon has killed the hopes and dreams of a lot of us.

But I do believe, “If you build it, they will come,” so let’s give this new shop a shot and hopefully the snowball effect will begin and bring more local business to the Collar City.

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