I Joined the Metabolic Meltdown Craze and Finally Found My Gym Home (Again)

OK, OK, OK. A lot has changed since September 20, 2017.

Yes, on my 24th birthday I admitted to the world that I truly hate working out. But even when I said that, something inside me knew, “that isn’t totally true, but do it for the joke.” And now, just 7 months later to the day, I am a member of Metabolic Meltdown.

How did I get here? I’m sure you are dying to know. So read on…

I have enjoyed working out in my life before, but let’s just say I always choose happy hour over flex Friday. After a successful year of membership at ILoveKickboxing, a short stint as a barre instructor and running (and surviving) a 10K race, there’s been times over the past few years where I had been consistently fit and enjoyed it.


But, as we all know, once you break a habit and fall off the wagon it is damn near impossible to hop back on. And that’s where I’ve been at for like…well, almost a year. Of course I know I need to work out, we all do! It’s beneficial for your energy, your mental and physical health blah blah blah. Plus, if you’re like me and still want to eat whatever you want, you need some cardio and calorie burning activities in there to even it all out.

So, I had to find a new gym home. I tried out Orange Theory Fitness since I knew I could tolerate running (a good portion of that workout is spent on a treadmill), but I found the scheduling outrageous –you have to book classes days, sometimes weeks in advance, and the membership prices were steep AF. It was a no for me, dawg.

After chatting with coworkers, scrolling through #fitness posts on social media and driving literally anywhere around the Capital Region and seeing the sign…Metabolic Meltdown was on my radar.

This locally-owned fitness facility has, for lack of a better word, a cult following and people swear by the workout and the results.

Photo: Metabolic Meltdown

Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who goes to Metabolic and after hearing the descriptions of the intense training sessions, I knew that would NEVER be me, right? Too intense, too popular, too #fitfam, #fitgoals, etc.

I’ll spare you of the details of how I actually convinced myself to get there –you get the idea. But, let’s just say I dove head first and after one class I understood what all the buzz and the hype was about.

The trainers are super nice and welcoming, which for me makes a big difference because trust me I don’t *really* want to be here, so making me feel welcome helps me keep coming back. They don’t let you mess around by making sure you’re doing the proper form and calling you out by name to keep you going strong.

My favorite part is that the workout is constantly mixin’ up so you can’t get bored and you work a different muscle group every day, so even if you’re sore, there’s no excuse not to come back the next day. Plus, it’s only 45 minutes! Even though that’s basically the same thing as an hour, it just sounds so much better. The workout is over before you have time to catch your breath.

After a long search and A LOT of whining, I found my gym home. I’m motivated to get my bum there at 7AM, I enjoy the company around me and feel like I’m making dents in getting that sweet summer bod I’ve always wanted (but will never get because I love margaritas too much).

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