JUST A MINUTE: Customer Service

Sharing some of my thoughts on the lack of customer service nowadays. Why do I feel like I’m walking into someone’s apartment and interrupting their daily routine when I just want something to eat?

I want to give a big shout out to those still holding it down, still greeting us with a smile and having genuine small talk with customers. Not giving us dirty looks because we walked in an establishment to buy a coffee.

Here’s how I feel in just a minute:

My hope for good customer service was restored when an honest Dunkin Donuts employee kindly informed me their cold brew wasn’t prepared properly the night before and had been watered down.

She did this with integrity, her moral foundation of providing the customer with the product they desire was evident, and the fact she seemed genuinely apologetic was even more encouraging. After I had traveled to Cumberland Farms for my 99c cold brew that I got for 85c because they thought it was a Cola (boyt), I had a feeling from the bottom of my toes to travel back to that DD and let her know her honesty and kindness was appreciated, even tipped her $5.

Now of course I could’ve used that $5 yesterday later the pub, but hey, I hope she gets herself a drink with it. Today, it’s more imminent than ever to acknowledge good customer service. Let our waitstaff, hosts, clerks, and register workers know if they’re doing a good job. I believe the lack of appreciation shown has led to a devastating decline in customer service.

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