Soft Serve Review: JJ’s Snack Bar

This summer I’m hitting up all the popular soft serve joints around Upstate, New York. I judge their small twist with three crucial categories of criteria: the size, durability, and taste. With that I’ll give you a bulletproof score of 1-10, so you can know which joints are good and which ones are phony.

For this review I hit up JJ’s Snack Bar in Ballston Spa, our first review where I could properly dress two buttons deep. Although the ice cream was very good, the status of my hands after the fact didn’t do any favors. It was also served without a napkin which I have learned is against health code violation. Not good for the brand. 

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Author: Cap'n Jack

Founder of Two Buttons Deep. Once went four buttons deep but that was a bad decision. Avid Hawaiian shirt enthusiast. Troy, NY.

One thought

  1. JJ’s is a great place. Never had any issues. Regarding the napkin and supposed “Health code” violation” What person needs to be given a napkin or told when or how to use a napkin? Think about it just for a sec….

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