Girl Takes Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutout to Prom

Time – A Pennsylvania high school student took an unorthodox approach to prom and brought a cardboard cutout of actor Danny DeVito to the dance.

WHTM-TV reports Allison Closs and her famous two-dimensional date joined other Carlisle High School seniors Friday for prom. Closs purchased the cutout of DeVito online along with a scooter she used to move the figure with.

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Things would have been way easier if taking cardboard cutouts to prom was acceptable when I was in high school. I would have had some of the coolest dates in town, but more importantly I could’ve avoided the “asking to prom” process in full. But back in my day they had all sorts of rules and regulations that for sure would have shot down the idea of taking an idea of somebody older than 21 to prom.

In a world of viral tweets to spark the attention of superior people to get them to prom/formal, I truly admire this girl’s strategy of going straight for the cardboard cutout. No actual Danny DeVito needed, just $100 for a cutout and a scooter to mobilize him. Genius.

This could even be a game changer the more I think of it. I can see prom 2020 being everybody with their cardboard celebrity crush. Less money, less awkwardness, and you can end up with whoever you actually want to be with by the end of the night without any prama.

The amount of time and effort that went into prom was a catastrophe in my eyes. So much money and thought went into a glamorized photoshoot. And all that ever came of it was girls realizing they can’t go a whole night in heels, and guys realizing this isn’t going to be fun without alcohol. All I cared was the after party anyways, and it’s not even because I thought I would get laid (I didn’t) it’s simply because 17-year-old Jack was guaranteed to be drinking beer and that, my friends, was cool…But not taking Danny DeVito to prom cool. 


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