Power Ranking the Top 5 UAlbany Lacrosse Headshots

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The UAlbany Men’s Lacrosse team is currently a 2nd seed in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament. They went 10-0 at home this season, and have a 15-2 record overall. They opened up the season stomping Syracuse at the Dome 15-3. But the one of the biggest calling cards for the Great Danes is their impeccable flow and fashion sense which you can witness on their roster page.

Here are the top 5 power rankings of the 2018 UAlbany Men’s Lacrosse headshots:

5. Austin Jones (Faceoff Specialist, Freshman)


Forget Faceoff Specialist, Jones could be a Hair Care Specialist with these locks. The freshman looks like Kurt Vile’s little brother with flow that looks like it’s about to engulf his face. Pair that up with a prep tie, and you have #5 on the list

4. AJ Kluck (Defense, Senior)


The Calgary, Alberta native looks like Ed Sheeran if he was trapped at an accounting firm. His deadpan expression says it all. The dude means business with those glasses. He’ll lock down your best attacker along with your taxes.

3. Doug Goldsmith (Midfield, Sophomore)


The Mohawk flow with the closely cut sides, the ghastly plaid shirt, the goatee with no sides. Goldsmith’s look can’t fit into any definition really, but it can fit in this list at a solid #3.

2. Matt Eccles (Midfield, Freshman)


Eccles’ facial expression and long flow make him look as if he listens to Tame Impala and The War on Drugs on repeat. Also, that tie…..’MERICA! His brother Sean is on the team as well, but his photo pales in comparison the soaring eagle of greatness that is his brother.


1. Cougar Kirby (Midfield, Redshirt Sophomore)


With the first name Cougar, it was going to be impossible not to have him at the top of the list. His braided locks and serious stare let you know he means business and has wisdom. The Great Dane Lacrosse necklace is also a nice touch and shows that he has a fun side even though he may not being showing it. Plus, he’s #22, my favorite and lucky number. Here’s to you Cougar Kirby, our #1 headshot for the 2018 UAlbany Men’s Lacrosse Team.

Don’t forget to support the Great Danes this Saturday as they take on Denver University in the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament at 2:30 pm on ESPNU!

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